Rasta Wood Co. began operations in 2006 and has been involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and export of wooden products as well as interior design. Anti-theft doors, fireproof doors, interior doors, lobby doors, etc. are the main products of Rasta wood Co.

We have done all possible to properly support Iranian products. Accordingly, we have begun to export domestic products to many countries by acquiring production lines from various Iranian enterprises.

Rasta Wood has more than 10,000 customers who have been highly satisfied with the products offered. All of these products are manufactured under the supervision of the top professionals and specialists, ensuring the highest level of quality.

what obligations does Rasta Wood have towards its customers?

High-quality products

We’ve been working hard for years to improve the quality of our products daily! This collection’s products have the highest quality and standard, so you may use them with assurance. The high quality of the Rasta Wood products has made them rarely in need of repair. The anti-theft, fireproof, interior doors that are produced under the supervision of Rasta Wood have a long service life and you can use them for years without any worries.

As we stated at the beginning, we are more devoted than anything else, and we owe it to ourselves to provide the greatest quality possible to our consumers. We have over ten thousand customers and nothing but the high quality of products and services has been the reason.

After-sale services

Unfortunately, in many Iranian industries and companies, there is no comprehension of after-sales service. Rasta Wood Co. has made every effort to put this statement into action..

All the products support after-sales service, so any problem can be easily fixed. If you notice any defect or issue after purchasing the product, you can contact the after-sales service department of Rasta Wood and propound your problem. Our colleagues in this department will cooperate with you as much as possible, and if the product in question has a fault, it will be returned immediately and a new product will be provided to you.

It is difficult to provide after-sales services for more than 890 products, but we make every effort to do so. Because we believe, we have to respond to your trust in the best possible way. We know very well that every person has a taste and this difference could be a sea of differences.

That is why we have attempted to offer as many products and services as possible.
By offering after-sales service, we instill trust in our clients that we will always endeavor to deliver the best service possible. The fact is that our goal is to provide the best domestically produced products. As a result, all consumers are satisfied with the product, and for the first time in the country, the actual meaning of after-sales service is achieved.

With all these explanations, we hope that you have gained a good understanding of Rasta Wood Co. We are proud of our 10,000 customers. We are proud of the variety of our products, but we do not stop moving forward. We adapt to our clients’ demands daily, and we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms about this team, please contact us. We believe that sometimes we do not see our defects from within but you may assist us in improving our products and services; therefore, we welcome any criticism or recommendations.

In addition, our contact numbers are listed on the website. You can share all your questions with our experts. We take every opportunity to react to them in the best way possible..

Finally, we hope to see you among our customers and buyers



We’ve been with you for 12 years and will continue to be with you..